Residential Solar PV case studies


The internet makes it very easy to google a phrase online and find a bunch of info on that topic.  But to be honest, most of the time that info is crap. It's sites that are trying to sell you something or that have gamed the google rankings to push themselves higher in the page rank.  If you googled "residential solar pv case studies", chances are you may find some good info.  But most of it would be from solar installers trying to sell you a system, which isn't a bad thing at all, but what you really need to hear from is the homeowners.  Luckily, there is a great website that features cased studies from real people who have decided to install solar on their homes. has a great section of residential solar pv case studies.  Not all of them are homes, but you still get to see the financial impacts of installing solar on a wide range of properties.   Here are the financial details of this 12kW solar PV tracker system installed in Princeton, MA.

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